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It all started in a ski shop…well actually Becca and Scott have known each other since childhood but their relationship blossomed in the always romantic setting of burning p-tex candles and smelly rental boots.  Scott was a slow learner. For Christmas one year he gave Becca a copy of a magazine and wrote: “To Becca, Please stop hugging me. Merry X-Mas.” Becca used the folded magazine as a shim under her couch for a couple of years.  Along the way they found that they worked really well together. Their strengths and weakness’ complemented each other and their relationship grew.  Soon it was serious.  A baby boy was born and the dream of owning a ski and paddle shop was born as well.  


The path to owning a business can sometimes be a winding one. It can be hard walking away from what you know, harder still walking away from relationships forged over decades, but often as one door closes another opens. Bolstered by the support of family, friends and former customers Becca and Scott took the dream of a new shop and made it into a reality.  


Welcome to Ski Hot Ski Shop & Lake Region Paddle!

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Our Story

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